How much is the credit card surcharge?

Current surcharge maximum rates are:

Card TypeSurcharge Rate
American Express1.85%

The total will be calculated and displayed on the payment page before your payment details are inputted.

How do I make a payment?

To make a payment, go to the URL found on the footer of your invoice or statement, and enter your 12 digit reference number. This can be found at the bottom of your invoice or statement, next to the payment options. From here, follow the prompts to enter your details and submit your payment. You can elect to receive an email confirmation of the payment once it has successfully been made.

The webpage is freezing when I try to click ‘next’, what do I do?

If your internet is struggling to connect to the webpage, try entering the URL found on the footer of your invoice or anticipated deposit statement on a different web browser. Alternatively, you can make payment via EFT or BPay by logging into your online banking facility and entering the payment details displayed on your invoice or statement.